Photographer Rights

It is understood that any and all images, whether proofs, digital files, final prints or sample prints, and all rights to them remain the property of the Photographer and the photographer reserves the right to use them for business promotion. 

Client Rights

Regarding the images delivered, as digital files or otherwise, Client’s rights are limited to personal use. Photographs may not be sold or used in advertising unless otherwise specified by the Photographer.

Reservation & Reservation Fee

The Amount Due at Signing, as defined above, is a Reservation Fee. Upon receipt the Photographer will reserve the time agreed upon for the Event Date and will not make another reservation for the agreed upon time. For this reason, the Reservation Fee is non-refundable. The booking is not confirmed until the retainer is paid. (Please note that photos will not be delivered until any outstanding balances are paid.)


All permits and permissions required for the Photographer to photograph the event, whether for location, personal release or any other cause, are the responsibility of the Client to obtain.

Limitation of Liability

Although all care will be taken with these photography services and the digital photographs taken, the Photographer limits any liability for loss, injury, death, inability to perform the photography services for any reason, failure to deliver images for any reason or any other types of damages to the return of all payments already paid to the Photographer up to Total Amount defined above.



Once the transfer of hi-res images is complete Catherine O’Hara is not responsible for archiving the images.


Catherine O’Hara is in no way responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur during the photoshoot.  Any 

risks taken are solely the responsibility of the client.