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My Favourite Paris Surprise Proposals | Paris France Proposal and Engagement Photographer

I think anyone who has every been to Paris, France would agree it is one of, if not the, most beautiful and romantic cities in the world and where better to get engaged then here! Below are a few of my favourite surprise proposal photos that I have shot over the last few years. Paris never goes out of style!

Here are a few little tips when deciding to propose to your Significant Other (SO) in the City of Love:

  1. While the Eiffel Tower is amazing, Paris is so so much more than Madame Eiffel! If your heart is not completely set on the tower consider other equally beautiful spots like the Louvre areas, riverside, one of the many beautiful gardens, courtyards etc etc. The list goes on and on!

  2. For best light sunrise and sunset is ideal. I always advise telling your SO that you have booked a special dinner or breakfast etc so they are ready on time and dressed up. It’s a once in a lifetime moment so everyone wants to look their best :) (I am happy to give recommendations for perfect Paris restaurants)

  3. If flying into Paris, do not check in your ring! It has been known to go missing in delayed bags so keep it with you at all times!

  4. It’s entirely up to you but it can be nice to do it near the beginning of your Paris stay so that you can then enjoy the trip as a newly engaged couple plus you don’t have the worry of “ring-sitting” :D

  5. Many choose to have a full engagement shoot either straight after the proposal, that evening or the next day or any other day of your stay. It really depends on how much time you have but what a great place to have your engagement photos taken!

  6. Another option is to actually book a couples shoot with both of you being aware of it but then (with us both planning discreetly in advance) having the proposal at the beginning, middle or end of the shoot and then going straight to a fabulous meal afterwards to celebrate. It means you can plan easier plus everyone will be wearing the perfect outfits etc in the photos and you have an engagement shoot all in one!

  7. I hope that helps a bit but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!

English speaking wedding, elopement, engagement, surprise proposal, family, honeymoon, babymoon and anniversary photographer based in Paris, France



Paris in the Rain | Paris Elopement Photographer

By the weather standards of my native Ireland, Paris weather is much much better, but we still do have some slightly damp days. On such days we can either try and reschedule or as Nicole and Rob did, we embrace the weather and run with it! (And got married in the middle!) The advantages of rainy shoot days is that there are a lot less people around to photobomb, the light is lovely and they do say that Paris is romantic in the rain! Scroll down to see for yourself!

(Splash in the Louvre fountain optional!)

English speaking wedding, elopement, engagement, surprise proposal, family, honeymoon and anniversary photographer based in Paris, France