A First Look before the wedding versus the couple seeing each other for the first time as the bride walks down the aisle.

The First Look  is when the couple opt to see each other before the wedding for some intimate quiet time together and for a chance to get photos taken without leaving their guests in the middle of the reception after the ceremony. It is becoming more popular among couples not only in America but across Europe etc. Many like it for the chance to relax together and dissipate any nerves about the upcoming ceremony and it provides a chance to reconnect.

However, on the other side, many couples, especially in Ireland prefer to stick with the traditional route with the grooms first sight of his bride to be as she is walking down the aisle towards him in the presence of all their nearest and dearest. It can be a very emotional sight, not only for the couple, (believe me!) but for all in attendance witnessing this. 

The tradition of not seeing the bride until she walked down the isle dates back to arranged marriages. The groom wasn’t supposed to see his future bride until pronounced husband and wife and the veil was lifted. Obviously less of an issue these days!

Really it is up to each individual couple and what they would be comfortable with and how traditional they envisage their big day to be.